I focus on breathing technique (support), modes and effects.


Vicky started her professional career as a singer and songwriter in London….

I’m Vicky Harrison

Singing and Vocal Coaching

Online and Face to Face Lessons

Freeyourvoicehub was set up by myself, Vicky Harrison – a professional singer and vocal technique coach, based in Cambridgeshire, UK.

I am a fully qualified Complete Vocal Technique teacher and I have over 10 years experience coaching and as a professional singer and songwriter in the music industry. I’ve had music placements with big brands such as Mercedes and Vogue, and on TV shows such as The Voice, Made In Chelsea and Love Island!

Lessons for Children





About Me

I specialize in confidence building with the singing voice. I work with age 8+ and adults, my singing lessons are aimed at ALL styles including Modern Pop, Jazz, Rock, R&B and many more. My lessons are tailored for one to one sessions or group work shops.

I aim to give you the answer to ALL of your vocal issues in your first session! And i will then give you a range of powerful tools and exercises to implement your new skills.

If you would like to know more, then you can contact me on

Upcoming Gigs

24th of February – Vicky Harrison and The Queen Bee Blues Band – The Earl of Beaconsfield, Cambridge

23rd of March – Vicky Harrison and The Queen Bee Blues Band – The Old Hurst, Cambridge

15th of April – Vicky Harrison and The Queen Bee Blues Band – Blues Dance Club –  The Boat House, Cambridge

7th of June – Vicky Harrison and The Queen Bee Blues Band – National Blues Dance Gig Cambridge