As a vocal coach, I am goal orientated – so what ever your goal i’m here to meet your needs. I will also guide you through breath techniques (support), modes and effects. Through our sessions, you can learn to modulate your voice, pace yourself, learn more about rhythm, and gradually develop your personal style. I will also assess what inhibits you from singing to your full potential, and in turn – free your voice.

Lessons are designed to EMPOWER, BUILD CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATE and to help you to FIND FREEDOM with your voice

The CVT method (Complete Vocal Technique) How to solve vocal tension and a hoarse voice

Vocal Modes

Vocal Effects (eg - Vibrato, Creak, Growl, distortion, rattle etc)

All elements of breathing and support

Stamina and control

Finding your individual voice

Building your range

Tackling high and low notes

Smooth vocal breaks

Stage presence and CONFIDENCE

Working with performance anxiety

Improvising and Phrasing



Dynamics and projection


Pitch correction

Respecting your Artistic Taste

There are endless ways of singing, and each singers artistic choice is their own. This means that my personal taste will not affect the instruction of your singing. My goal is solely to assist in making choices that feel right for the singer. I believe that all sounds can be produced in a healthy way and that there are no inferior sounds. My point of view is that every singer is a unique singer, and i am an advocate of diversity.