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Example workshops…


SINGING MADE FUN! (8-13 years)

The focus will be on having FUN! and CONFIDENCE building
(Ideal for children) You will learn:

Fun warm-ups

Singing in rounds

Singing in unison

Singing a simple harmony

Getting to know other singers


You will learn:

How to project the voice

How to overcome common vocal issues

Confidence exercises

Preparation for the mind

Supporting the voice (Breath work)


This workshop is aimed at those who wish to build their confidence with singing.
You will learn:

The Singing Cycle (Breath and Support work)

Exercises for the mind

Performance preparation (dealing with anxiety)

Singing with volume!

Overcoming common vocal issues

Effects Workshop by Vicky Harrison

 Every singer uses effects when singing to express certain feelings.

We all hear ‘Highway to Hell’ in our heads, with lead singer Brian Johnson’s raspy sound, Tom Waits grunting and growling on ‘Waltzing Mathilda’, James Brown’s screams on ‘Sexmachine’ or Janis Joplins ‘Distortion’.

Authorized Complete Vocal Technique Coach and professional singer Vicky Harrison will be teaching the Effects Workshop this June.
She is a master of the so-called “Rough Effects“ such as Distortion, Grunt, Growl and Rattle, which will be the focus of this workshop.

Please note: This is a no pressure, non-judgmental environment. No one has to sing where they don’t feel comfortable to do so.

The sequence:
10:30 am to 1:00 pm Round of introductions and lecture on the effects.
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Lunch break
2 pm to 4.30pm Actively trying out the effects on phrases or songs.

Where: The Guild Hall, Cambridge, CB2 3QJ
When: 22/06/24, from 10.30am to 4.30pm

Number of participants: 20
Fee: £99

I also offer a half day Vocal Effects Workshop (Date TBC) – sign up below