Lessons for Children



When should my child start singing?

Children can start singing whenever they like for FUN. But when should they start singing lessons? The age to start singing lessons depends on the individual child. At FREEYOURVOICEHUB I have taught children as young as 6 years old. Other children may need to start at 9 or 10 years old. If you bring your child for the introductory 30 minute session i can assess if your child is ready.

My child loves to sing, but i wouldn’t say they have talent?

Here at FREEYOURVOICEHUB we want to de-bunk the myth that someone must hold ‘talent’ to sing. This myth puts off a lot of singers ever engaging with improving their voice and it is ultimately damaging for children to hear this. It can be a huge knock to the confidence of a child to think ‘i don’t have any talent’. Here at FREEYOURVOICEHUB we know that ANYONE can sing. And once you realize that singing is just a physical process that involves a bunch of muscles, then it can be extremely EMPOWERING. One child may have naturally found a good technique for singing and others may have not. But that can all be turned around with the right explanations and exercises.

What does a singing lesson for children involve?

We say that singing lessons must always be FUN! And lessons must always build CONFIDENCE. We will never tell a child they’re ‘off pitch’, but instead we carefully choose the language we use to BUILD a child’s confidence at their own pace. We will always PRAISE a child as soon as we’ve helped them to gain a healthy technique.

My child cannot sing in tune, is it worth them having lessons?

Absolutely, and that’s what we are here for. Being ‘In tune’ or ‘on pitch’ is largely affected by what we call support. By that we mean – a bunch of muscles that work together to support the breath. With time and patience ANYONE can gain this control. And we will REPEAT exercises in a variety of learning styles, so that your child can FEEL and ENGAGE with their support.

Do i need to attend my child’s singing lesson?

When your child starts singing lessons, we recommend that a parent is there to support. We feel it’s important that the parent understands what we are trying to achieve, and also that they understand the technique i am teaching. Singing is a PHYSICAL process, and we like to create a variety of games and activities that parent and child can take part in together and have loads of fun at the same time.

What should my child focus on when singing?

I have 3 main principles when working with children – HAVE FUN, BE HEALTHY AND SMILE. I feel it’s important to solidify that singing is not something that is a chore, or something that the child feels under pressure to do. It’s essential that lessons and singing practice at home are LOADS OF FUN, so that the child chooses to continue. There are so many different ways to sing in pop music, so my goal is make sure your child is singing with HEALTHY technique. And SMILE – this not only sends a message to the brain to feel good, but it also raises the larynx slightly to keep your child on pitch and therefore increases confidence.