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Frequently Asked

What to expect from my first lesson?

I teach online and face to face from my house in Cambourne, and also from a studio in Cambridge. When you arrive, we will likely chat about your previous experience. We will also discuss your goals.

We will likely try some simple warmups and if you feel comfortable, i’ll ask you to sing a song or small phrase, just so i can get a feel for your voice. You can bring a backing track or sing acapella.

My aim is that you go away feeling enthusiastic about the possibilities for you voice. I hope you will feel like there are answers for your particular challenges.

What should I bring with me to a lesson?

You should bring any backing tracks you require. You can also print a copy of the lyrics if needed. Also – please feel free to bring sheet music if it helps you to read the notes (but it’s not necessary). It can also be helpful to bring a notebook.

Do you offer online lessons?

Absolutely. Lessons are via Zoom

Can anyone sing?

Yes! Pretty much. There is the odd person who has a physical problem with their hearing, but about 99.9% of people can work towards singing on pitch. This will take different singers varying amounts of time. This is dependent on many factors, such as previous experience, habits and physiology.

Will you play piano?

I will not be accompanying you, and its important for me to be watching and guiding you through the physical process of singing.

Can I bring my instrument?

You can bring your guitar or instrument to the first lesson. However, we will slowly be moving away from your instrument to focus on the vocal technique. You can then re-introduce the instrument later on.

I come from a classical background, can I learn pop singing?

YES! Of course you can. It is possible with the right training and dedication. It’s a different set of muscle memory, so you will need to be patient.

Can you record my voice?

YES! If this is your goal, i am now offering a recording package with award winning music studio – Vertical Room Studios. Please email me for more details. This can also make a fantastic birthday gift.

Do you ever offer discounts?

YES! Just sign up to my mailing list to receive discounts, freebies, podcasts, tips for singers and motivational messages.

Can you travel to my house?

On occasion i have travelled to peoples houses. This is only because they can’t get to me, or they have a disability. This will depend on how much space i have. It is preferable that you come to me because of all the tools i have to help you.

My voice is really hoarse, so I don't think I can sing?

This could be because you have been singing or talking with incorrect technique. I would recommend you see a doctor to start with to get a diagnosis. I can then help with some some specific techniques to release and strengthen the voice.

Whats your cancellation policy?

My cancellation policy is one weeks notice. If you give me this time, i will rearrange your lesson for you for the same week, or for the following week. If you do not give me one weeks notice then you will be required to pay the fee in full.**

Do you sell gift vouchers?

I do indeed. I can send you a physical or digital copy.

Iā€™m selling the vocal technique app

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