I started singing lessons with Vicky to help me overcome a fear of public speaking and my first lesson, I was terrified. Vicky was amazing, very supportive and made me feel at ease quickly. Over the course of a few months I progressed into someone who not only got over her fear of public speaking but into someone who realized she loves to sing – and that’s all down to Vicky’s style. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and mixes technical knowledge and teaching/instruction with practice and makes it all fun and relaxing. Would 100% recommend singing with Vicky!


Royston, 25 years old

Vicky is my daughter’s singing teacher. I really like that she gives a holistic understanding of how to work with the voice tailored for my daughters age (10 yo). My daughter says about her: “amazing, amazing, amazing! she is the best teacher in the whole world, actually no, UNIVERSE! I really recommend her. If you want a person that is really kind, that always makes everything fun and when things are hard she helps you, then Vicky is the one. P.S. She has a wonderful voice!”. That says it all.


and mother Gaby, 10 years old

Although I started to learn pop singing in CSVPA this year, I’m very glad that I met a teacher who has a sense of responsibility and can teach me singing very well. It’s my honor. I think Vicky is not only my teacher, but also my friend. In class, I can learn the skills I want. After class, we often discuss music originality and singing. In addition, I think I have learned a lot of basics, such as how to use breath correctly, how to make sounds in different positions of the body, which is very helpful for me. I have changed a lot of bad habits when singing. At the same time, I also learned the singing method of Curbing (mode). Before, I didn’t have much power to sing, but now I can use Curbing very well to support my high voice. Vicky is a very good vocal tutor. Although it’s in the online course now, she is very patient with me. I hope we can sing a lot of songs together in the future. It’s going to end soon. I’m not often reluctant, this will be the warmest memory in my life.Thank you Vicky


China, 17 years old

Vicky is a fab teacher, she has a stunning personality, is loving and warm, can work with any level of singer and has invested in her skills and training along side years of experience – i would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to explore and develop their voice


Cambridge, 37 years old

Since starting with Vicky I have developed more than I thought possible. Vicky has listened to my worries on a professional and also personal level with an open minded attitude. Our sessions have become my outlet and the ‘me time’ I’ve so desperately needed, being a single mum. What I love about how Vicky works, is that she has taken the time to get to know how I tick, and tailored the lessons based on my own personal learning style (one which I wasn’t aware of myself until now) Vicky’s holistic approach to the development of my vocals and music in general has bought me to a stage where the future looks brighter than I ever could have believed a year ago. Her belief in me became my belief in me and I’m so glad I found such a diverse and fun tutor who I can trust fully to give me the best chance of success

Becca Jane Slator

UK, 36 years old

Vicky has really helped me as a singer to develop my skills, and to better myself as a musician. She gave me exactly what I wanted and aimed for in every single lesson. Also, by using helpful techniques that she guided me through during the year, I have over come some major pitching problems. I’ve also learnt how to have better breath support. Over all Im really satisfied and happy with what i’ve learnt in my lessons with Vicky


Iran, 18 years old